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The Alborn name has stood for quality in the loading and transportation of large components, heavy loads und bulky goods since 1891. Today, Helmut Alborn, the fourth generation, runs the company still following the same principles: „If you plan to renewyourself, than do it every day“. We pledge with „heavy transport – next level“ to meet every customer’s challenge with the latest opportunities and possibilities delivered by a high skilled, experienced team.

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Heavy and Special Transport

We transport construction machinery such as bulldozers, construction cranes, machinery of all kinds for tree bark removal, forming and tooling, presses, furnace systems, locomotives, steel construction components such as bridge elements, generators/transformers, bottling and bottle rinsing machinery, petrochemical facilities, etc. 

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Mobile Cranes

We supply mobile cranes of various performance an load classes and execute crane assignments as an individual service or as part of a total service package.

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Heavy Assembly

Plant disassembly/reassembly including tasks such as the disconnection of supply lines or the restoration of operational capability. We provide masts with performance specs of up to 1,440 tonnes.

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Periperal Services

These include free price quotes as well as filing applications and comlying with transport permit requirements based on inspection of the route (accompanying vehicles, roadblocks, the coordination of police deployments, removal of road signs, consideration of overhead power line routes, etc.)

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Company Relocations

We relocate complete production operations or portions of your production facilities. Special services include intermediate storage and environmentally-friendly cleaning services for items such as tooling machinery.


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